Monday, May 5, 2014

Toon Town Mega post

March 3
I couldn’t find the actual file, but found a screen shot of the actual scene shot it self. that I made for the 11second club

March 24

Redoing radiator due to the modeling I did inaccurately, and also start blocking in the shaping for the main engine for one side.

 Reference Image of bike radiator

April 7th
Running a couple test renders on bike material using vray new CarPaint material, but swtich to using the vray blend material for a better effect then the actual carpaint material itself.

 April 14th

Working with the radiator of the bike on the left the left of the first image is the old model and to the right is the new on I am still currently working on.

I also built the swingarm of the bike along with some of the pipes that are suppose to be made for the bike.

April 21st

I modeled the motorcycles chain and continued working on the swing arm of the bike. Also made the disk brake and rotors for the wheels.

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