Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Singer Robot Progress 2

Still in the process of modeling the singer alot more complex, to model compared to drummer, just need to refine some parts that are already modeled and finish up the rest of the arm, neck, and head. then add small detail and she should be good to go, any suggestions would help.

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  1. :o I really can't wait to see them all done and modeled! The small wires and stuff look really cool and add to the drummer and I think I remember seeing some wire on the singer's concept art so that should definitely be pretty sweet looking once all added.

    Props for modeling so much, can't even imagine how long this must all take.

    Also, it would really nice if maybe for the final part you put the two of them together? Like posed maybe? And oh! Maybe have like character turn-around's with some screenshots and stuff it would be cool to see them all done and like be able to see all views and details on them! :D So yea! I'm going to stop before I get more excited xP.

    This look's awesome! I want more screenshots! lol