Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creating wires for drummer arm

I need help with the wire, I'm new to making wires in Maya and,not sure if I want to make more wires, re-size them or what? tell me what you think.

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  1. The wires you have now look pretty organically formed and their size seems to fit well. However, I feel a supporting, thicker, heavier wire or a few thinner once twisted together at the center of the bundle might give it a more solid, less floaty/weightless feel. The number of wires looks good. I think though that if there is to be a connection between the body and arms it should be a bit stronger. Right now the arm doesn't look like it's hanging, but doesn't look like it is being supported either. In the drawing you're referencing there appears to be a main wire leading from the shoulder the the hand, with other wires hanging down and connecting to the lead at different points. Almost emulating the patterns in muscles. Hope that helps a bit.